Panik Kyte Channel

This is the official Panik Kyte Channel. I have so much difficulty finding what I want to watch so I'm going to just embed the channel in the front of my Journal so I don't have to look. My favorite episode is Backyard just cuz Frank cracks me up and Juri's hot in his cap. Next will be putting the Twitter feed here. Anyone know how? (I'm now following giblahoj, Jo Halbig's Twitter, as well...)

Kittens and Other Cute Things

*groans* I just had a nice little text message chat with my older brother calling him "girl" and berating him for calling me and then pretending he hadn't. I thought it was K and that she had a new number (she changes phones once every three months or so and I was going off of our home area code in my inbox) but Joe gets it and just gasgahighio[gag[jkl.

See, it wouldn't be a problem except, well, hell, read this shit: 

Girl you called about stayin over this weekend. I been sending texts back o forth with some1 I d6t know. U could just say o never mind.

Yes, apparently, talking to K means all my ability with the English language goes flying out the window. But, thank God, I said girl or I'd still be roundabouting with Joe and going down that slippery slope of language mutilation and humiliation. *facepalmfacepalmfacepalm* Woooow, Di, good going there.

Anyway, that's all fixed and hopefully K'll get back to me and maybe come up for the weekend, which'd be nice.

AND I have a picspam. I do have a fic I've been working on (fic's not really the right word...) but I would rather humiliate myself publicly five times over than post that anywhere. It's just too kinky and too personal. I don't think I've ever written non-self-insert fic that was more geared towards making myself happy, if that makes sense? It's an offshoot of Paramour and is at almost 3,000 words now.

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Jailbird's Heaven 2/?

Attempting to get some of my WIP's done. I realized I had this sitting around and hadn't bothered to post it. Juri's assigned to Jan because Timo thinks Jan needs protection, which he does since he's prone to fucking up the guys who try to touch him. Timo really doesn't want Jan's sentence to change.

Caught in the act of stealing a car, Bushido is sent to the local prison where he meets Timo Sonnenschein, pimp extraordinaire.


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Warum? Darum! 3/3

I'm thinking people aren't going to like this ending but it's what was in my head. I figure that matters more than trying to make the muses do something else just because they're acting up.

Linke and Jan have been roommates for years without a hitch. Now Linke wants out and Jan wouldn't listen to why even if Linke decided to tell him.


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