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Liebe im Sommer? Warum Nicht?

Bill and the boys go to the beach and Bill runs into someone unexpected. In which several characters come out of their slashy little shells to romp around Florida.


T:mo sat across from Bill, watching as the black-haired boy sucked down some fruity drink he had just bought him. Bill watched T:mo watch him. Neither one was terribly interested in the conversation they were having.

“You know, I really wish I had a pickle right now,” Bill said, staring dreamily at a spot just past T:mo’s ear.


Bill grinned.

“Because they’re so much fun to play with,” he said, looking T:mo in the eye.

Bill ran his tongue over his top teeth, flashing his tongue ring. He definitely had T:mo’s attention now.

“I love the really crunchy ones ‘cause they’re so firm and juicy and you can walk around all day just sucking on one. I like to lap up the sour juice as it comes out.”

Bill leaned in closer, one hand playing with his straw. He reached the other one out and grabbed the chain around T:mo’s neck, pulling him nearer.

“But you want to know why I really like pickles?” Bill asked teasingly.

T:mo could feel Bill’s sweet breath on him and smell his perfume, something like strawberries. Bill’s eyes flicked from T:mo’s mouth up to his eyes.

“Tell me,” T:mo said, not about to give in that easily.

“’Cause they remind me of my favorite game,” Bill whispered.

Bill pulled T:mo in a little closer before kissing him. T:mo tasted the tange of the metal stud as Bill ran his tongue over T:mo’s crushing their mouths together. A vague undercurrent of peppermint from Bill’s lip-gloss slipped in as well.

Bill slid from his seat, breaking their kiss. He cocked his head to the side, smiling up at T:mo seductively, and then settled into T:mo’s lap. Bill twined his thin arms around T:mo’s neck. He leaned in for another kiss but T:mo stopped him, putting a hand to his lips.

Bill frowned.

“You don’t want me?” he asked, pouting.

T:mo smiled as Bill studied his face.

“Princess, as much as I hate to break it to ya, you’re not out to the real world. Do you really want some camera man snappin’ yo’ picture all up on my lap like this?”

“Oh,” Bill said, his lips forming a tight ‘o’.

T:mo’s heart fluttered thinking about what other uses that tight mouth could be put to.

“I didn’t think of that,” Bill said, unwinding his arms from T:mo’s neck in clear disappointment.

“So- you wanna go back to my place?”


Bill and T:mo arrived at T:mo’s hotel soon after. It was a snazzy, expensive place with plush, freshly vacuumed carpets and polished marble floors, not that they needed those for what they planned to be doing.

They took the elevator up to T:mo’s floor, using the waiting time to get to know each other’s anatomy better. The room was only a short walk away.

T:mo unlocked the door. Bill walked through and turned around immediately, wrapping his leg around T:mo, kissing him firmly. T:mo pushed Bill into the wall, relishing the taste of his tongue. Bill moaned against T:mo’s mouth.

“Um…” someone said.

T:mo pulled away from Bill slightly, just enough that he could open his mouth without Bill’s right against it. Bill glared in the direction of the sound before looking back at T:mo.

Since Bill was not looking at him, he only had a quick glance of a guy dressed in black sitting on a couch. T:mo obviously knew him as he was talking to him. Bill was not at all pleased at the interruption. But it was T:mo’s friend so he would just have to wait. Bill listened in for a second.

“Jan still sick?” T:mo asked.

“Yeah, I’m gonna-”

Bill nuzzled T:mo’s neck, blocking out the background noise. He glanced at the guy again, who got up. Bill smiled, sucking T:mo’s skin: whoever it was was going to leave them alone.

“Come on, man,” the guy muttered, though not at T:mo.

The guy picked something up, a small lump of black- Bill realized it was a very small person-, and cradling it like a sleeping toddler, walked past them. T:mo closed the door behind him.

Bill grinned and took T:mo’s mouth into his own.


David rolled his eyes as he carried Jan down the hallway to the other hotel room. He would have stayed where he was if Jan had not been asleep. There were two bedrooms in the suite, after all.

Jan was desperately sick, running a high fever ever since they had reached Florida. Everyone else had gone out to enjoy the beach but David had wanted to stay and take care of him.

Just then, Jan woke up.

“David, why the fuck are you carrying me?!” he snarled, trying to untangle himself.

“’Cause you’re sick,” David said, not letting go.

“I’m sick, not dying. Put me down!”

“No,” David said calmly and continued walking.

Jan growled.

“Put me down!”

David ignored him.

“Why aren’t you out on the beach and not bothering me?”

“You’re warm,” David said and pulled Jan closer.

Jan swore.

“Put me down!”


“Fuck you.”

David smiled.

“Where are we going?” Jan asked when he realized David was not going to let him go.


“I hate you.”

“That’s nice.”

Tags: david/jan, fandom: panik, fandom: tokio hotel, genre: crossover, georg/tom, gustav/ofc, timo/bill

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