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Liebe im Sommer? Warum Nicht?

Bill and the boys go to the beach and Bill runs into someone unexpected. In which several characters come out of their slashy little shells to romp around Florida.


Gustav sat under the umbrella, enjoying the breeze coming from over the ocean. He sat at a table, drinking a glass of pineapple juice and watching the people as they passed by. He was alone.

A group of giggling dark-skinned girls sat across from him. Every so often one would look up in his direction. Gustav thought nothing of it: they probably were laughing at how red he was from the sun. Pale German skin never was very good for tanning.

With a graceful swoosh, a girl slid into the empty seat at his table. Georg, who by that point had been reading the graffiti carved into the table, looked up.

“Uh, hello,” the girl said brightly, a touch of Latina in her accent, “How are you?”

“Fine,” Gustav said, halfway frozen between staring at the table and looking into her honey-colored eyes.

The girl drummed her fingers lightly against the table and adjusted her swimsuit strap. She smiled then, her braids swinging into her face.

“So, ah, we were wondering if-” she said, glancing back at her friends quickly, who giggled furiously, “ you wanted to join us in a game of volleyball.”

Gustav frowned slightly. What the hell? He thought. I’m not doing anything anyway.

“Sure,” he said, getting up from his seat.

The girl took his hand. She was pretty, so Gustav did not resist the way too familiar gesture.

“What is your name?” she asked as they made their way over to her friends.


“Goo-staf? I’ve never heard of that before. You are not American, yes?” she said.

By now they were far from the drink bar Gustav had been sitting at. A high net was strung between two poles and her friends were hitting a white ball around.

“No, I’m not.”

She grinned, obviously amused at his lack of words.

“I’m Ana. Come on, the game’s about to start!”

Ana yelled the last part, running out onto the sand.


“Put your swimsuit on,” David said when they reached the hotel room.


“Why?” Jan shot back, beyond irritated.

“’Cause we’re going swimming.”

“What the fuck. No.”

David smiled sweetly at the much shorter boy. He was very cute when he was angry.

“It’s either that or you actually take some medicine and I give you a bath.”

Jan decided very quickly that he would much prefer to do something with his clothes <i>on</i>.

They headed down to the hotel pool, David telling Jan that the chlorine would make him feel better. Jan glared at him and found every opportunity to curse at David.

When they reached the pool, Jan balked at the idea of swimming around with David. The pool was not empty: little kids and their parents swam around the shallow end. A few adventurous nine-year olds were jumping into the deep end.

“Get in.”

“Why, so we can look fucking gay? No way, David.”

“Get in.”

“No. Leave me alone. Why the hell are you treating me like a five-year-old?”

“’Cause you’re acting like one. Now, jump in.”



David grinned as Jan rose back to the surface. The boy was not at all happy.

“Fuck you, David!” he screamed.

David leaned down on the pool edge.

“Is it cold?” he asked wickedly.

Jan scowled at David and pulled him in. David did not mind, not even when Jan splashed water into his face.

The water was cool and saturated with chlorine. David thought it was nice, though the chlorine stung their eyes, turning them uncomfortably red. Eventually, he got Jan to take the medicine.
Jan crawled out of the pool as soon as possible and sat on one of the pool chairs, shooting daggers at David. David just swam around, enjoying the feel of the water.

Soon, the medication kicked in and Jan was asleep again.

David got out of the pool then. He wrapped Jan in a towel and carried him upstairs.

Jan could be so much fun.


Tags: david/jan, fandom: panik, fandom: tokio hotel, genre: crossover, georg/tom, gustav/ofc, timo/bill

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